Plank Pose

  1. Start with your hands and knees on the mat.  Bring your left foot to the back of the mat so your knee is off the mat.  Do the same with your right foot.  You should be in the starting push-up position.  Hold in this position while concentrating on keeping your back flat and not curved.  Concentrate on the ankles extending toward the back of the room.   Your palms should be flat on the mat with fingers spread out.  Slowly, rotate your upper arm slightly inward so that the front of your elbow faces the front of the room.  If you feel strain on the elbow you are rotating the front of your elbows too far.  Hold in this position for 5 breaths.
  2. After the 5th breath, return to your original position where your hands and knees were on the mat.


  • If you are having difficulty holding the push-up position for at least 1 deep breath, you can do the same technique standing and using a wall.  Stand in front of the wall with your arms extended to touch the wall.  The best distance from the wall is one where your arms are fully extended in front of you to touch the wall.  Make sure the soles of your feet are firmly planted on the floor and that your abdominal and lower back muscles are gently engaged.
  • Slowly, bend your arms so that your face comes toward the wall but do not move your feet.  Your feet stay firmly planted in the original position.  Bring your face toward the wall as much as you are comfortable.  Hold in this position for 5 breaths.  If you feel you cannot hold this position for 5 breaths, slowly walk your feet forward toward the wall so you can end this routine.
  • Continue to practice this alternative position until you are able to hold the position for 10 breaths.  Once you’ve mastered this position, attempt step 1 of the Plank Position above.